Dec. 2022

Our paper is awarded the IEEE TSE Best Paper Award

Our TSE paper, published in 2021, has been selected as a best paper. See for more information.

Nov. 2022

Our paper will appear in USENIX Security 2023

Reassembly is Hard: A Reflection on Challenges and Strategies

Hyungseok Kim, Soomin Kim, Junoh Lee, Kangkook Jee, and Sang Kil Cha
In Proceedings of the USENIX Security Symposium, 2023

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Oct. 2022

Our paper is awarded the SIGSOFT ACM Distinguished Paper Award in ASE'22

Fuzzle: Making a Puzzle for Fuzzers

Haeun Lee, Soomin Kim, and Sang Kil Cha
In Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, 2022

Sep. 2022

Jaeseung Choi is now appointed as an assistant professor at Sogang University, Korea.

Jaeseung will lead the Information Security Laboratory in Sogang University. His new homepage is at

Jul. 2022

Our paper has been selected as SIGSOFT Research Highlight

Our FSE'20 paper has been selected. See for more information.

May. 2022

Prof. Cha has received IEEE Security & Privacy Test-of-Time Award

See this website and article for more information.

Dec. 2021

Prof. Cha has received the MSIT Minister Prize for Cybersecurity Education

For training professional cybersecurity experts in Korea. See this for more information.


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