Working at the intersection of computer security and program analysis, our lab is actively developing systems and techniques for assuring software security. Our research interests include automatic reverse engineering, exploit verification, malware analysis, fuzzing, and symbolic execution. We use the following approaches:

  1. We analyze programs to find vulnerabilities.
  2. We study offensive hacking techniques in order to develop defensive mechanisms.
  3. We engineer software systems that are secure and reliable.


  • A paper awarded best paper at NDSS BAR 2019.
  • A paper accepted at ICSE 2019.
  • A paper accepted at NDSS 2019.


Sang Kil Cha

Ph.D. Students

Jaeseung Choi
Ph.D. Student
Soomin Kim
Ph.D. Student
HyungSeok Han
Ph.D. Student

Master Students

Jiwon Choi
Master Student
Hongsik Kim
Master Student
Donghyeon Oh
Master Student
Minkyu Jung
Master Student
Kangsu Kim
Master Student
Dohyeok Kim
Master Student
Doyeon Kim
Master Student


- Choongwoo Han, Master, now at Naver.
- Hobin Kim, Master, now at National Security Research Institute, Korea.
- Jihoon Kim, Master, now at Naver.
- Jihyeon Yoon, Master, now at Nexon.
- Mun Beom Kim, Master, now at the Korean Army.
- SeongIl Wi, Master, now at GSIS KAIST as a Ph.D. student.
- Markus Faerevaag, Master, now at Deloitte


You may access a complete list of publications on DBLP: [link], Google Scholar: [link].


KAIST N5 #2310
291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon 34141
South Korea